FUNFIT SWIM (swim team)

This program trains participants for competitive swimming. Students will learn starts, turns,  finishes and race dives. They will be provided workouts to gain speed, and endurance as well as stroke  technique. The prerequisite is Level 7 or ability to demonstrate Level 7 skills. 



FUNFIT SWIM (lifesaving)

This program trains participants for lifesaving courses (bronze med, bronze cross, NLS). Participants will learn and practice first aid skills (on land and in water) as well as practice timed distance swims. This program is perfect for those who like to be prepared; it gives you the ability to walk into first aid and leadership courses feeling confident and with more knowledge.

This is also great for participants who are not of age to join Bronze Cross or NLS. The prerequisite is Level 7 or 

ability to demonstrate Level 7 skills. The program was written by a leadership instructor and examiner.