Program Highlights


Families now have ability to join our Academy at any time and take a break at any point. There is no need to wait for the beginning of a session to register, when the timing is right for you, let us know! Need to take a break? No problem! All we ask is you provide us with 1 months notice by email. Start and Pause swim classes at any month and during any part of the month. Please Note: Swim fee's will be prorated to reflect the amount of lessons taken.


Ongoing classes means no breaks between "sessions", which makes learning and perfecting new skills a continuous and fun process. Students enrolled will learn to swim faster and spend less time reviewing and relearning skills lost between sessions. Every month parents and students will have a chance to celebrate their progress! 


Dont worry about re-enrolling every session, register once and be done. Once your desired day and time has been confirmed that is your spot until you give it up. Please Note: Families are welcome to change lesson day and times as long as there is availability. If there is no availability, we will start a waitlist. All class day and times are first come, first serve.